Hanging with Warren Ellis

Last thursday we got to meet the very talented and amusing Warren Ellis who was giving a talk at NUI Galway. Over two hundred people showed up which is a pretty impressive number considering it started an hour late. Ellis himself was in fine form giving out to the more nerdy or earnest fans in the audience while enjoying the small talk with the um …less nerdy fans?

A friend of mine in England told me it costs £30 to go see him so considering he was free in here it was pretty much a bargain i’d say! The talk itself lasted about an hour and a half and he touched on everything from Transmetropolitan to Planetary to telling stories about Garth Ennis’s stag party in Northern Ireland. I gotta say for a person who comes with a slightly fearsome reputation he was a pretty cool guy and easy to talk to. I managed to meet him after he had signed everyone else’s books in the entire audience and I managed to give him a copy of our own little tome ‘The Man with No Libido’ !!! If you ever get a chance to hear him talk go for it. He’s an amusing guy and you won’t be disappointed.

Some pictures underneath sorry one’s out of focus some stranger took it and didn’t do a great job,

Warren Ellis and Jason Browne
Warren with the brilliant interviewer (sorry I didn’t catch your name!)

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