Hey guys

Sorry we haven’t written anything in a bit but we’re now using a new programme and its taking a little getting used to. So bear with us please!


You know it occurred to me that we haven’t shown any of you guys the art that we’ve done to advertise ‘The Man with No Libido’. Ok we’ve put it up on facebook and on various walls around the place but thats it. So without further ado here’s some of Steve’s kickass art work. Enjoy!

         Ok so this one is a page in the book but its a cool image!

This is our Trainspotting Homage.

I keep meaning to get Steve to draw the second part so Al  and them get included.

We call this the ‘Will Eisner Poster’

                       P.S. If you haven’t read any Will Eisner’s stuff check him out!

I’ll be putting up some more in the following days and hopefully some other stuff but for the moment. Enjoy!

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