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Hello again!

As you can see we’re finally beginning to add some bells and whistles to our website with more aspects coming soon. We have a new poster out which you see down below and I also found this historical document.

The Man with No Sex Drive

Norm who is tired of been rejected decides to undertake a procedure in which his sex drive (and with it his interest in women disappears). This leads him to become ultra desirable to women and leads to a battle of the sexes as all sides take him on board as a role model. Other men who are tired of been crapped on have the same surgery. Feminists think it’s a great idea. Loads of men have it done which means women have to pick up men. Women have it done and no one notices. Eventually Norm falls in love with a girl called Sam. Should he have the procedure reversed?

It’s the original pitch for ‘The Man with No Libido’. As you can see it turned out very different from the initial idea but from small acorns etc etc. The title changed to of course. At one stage it was called ‘No Drive’ but it was rejected for being to ambiguous. We wanted the title to harken back to those cool old science fiction films of the sixties like ‘The Man with the X-Ray Eyes‘ plus it also explains the book well…

Here’s the new poster:


Why does it say ‘Coming Soon’ instead of ‘Out Now’. Well we have a stressed artist whose having deadline issues. (Thankfully it’s for another company). 🙂


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